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The Santa rally, December 2021

The headline after the stock market closed on Christmas eve read “‘Santa rally’ sees FTSE 100 hit 22-month high on Omicron optimism.” The article then stated that “data suggesting the variant is not as severe as feared pushes index close to pre-pandemic levels.” A week later on reviewing my portfolio for the month of December…

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My alternatives to equities

Current portfolio I have over 80% of my investment portfolio in equities (company shares) and only around 2% in cash and I hold the balance in bonds and property. I’m now going to explain how I arrived at that position and how that is working for me. My journey When I first invested in equities…

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Despite the news…, November 2021

This is an update on my portfolio for the month of November. Despite the news of the latest pronouncements on the pandemic stock markets only dipped slightly last month, whilst my portfolio was buoyed by record dividend receipts. November The FTSE All Share Total Return index, my chosen benchmark, was down by -2.24% in the…

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