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Getting Minted is written by a financially independent, 50-something, UK based, man who would like to share what he has learned on the road to financial independence and beyond.

The first dividend cut is the deepest

The UK situation at present is somewhat confused. There is a worsening in the covid-19 statistics and there are pressures to enact more restrictions or even another lockdown. Different restrictions have been applied to different parts of the UK. There is a debate about what these statistics show us, whether more restrictions are needed or…

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My Covid dashboard

After six months of the pandemic things seem to be worsening again. In trying to understand for myself what is going on I have prepared my own set of indicators on my own Covid dashboard. The scientists suggested last Monday that cases might double every week and reach 50,000 per day in October and that…

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Dividend cut

After six months of the financial crisis situation brought about by the pandemic my investment portfolio has suffered a first dividend cut. After over twenty dividend announcements that increased or maintained the dividends in payment over the last six months I have now had one that reduced it. In a recent discussion with my brothers…

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Holding my own

After six years and seven months on the road marked financially independent draw down I am holding my own in the most challenging year so far. I maintain and update these graphs at each month end to help review longer term progress. This income graph shows the annual dividend income as a percentage of the…

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Watching the dividends

We’re nearing the end of the school year and we’re expecting our home school duties to finish next Friday. Hooray for the holidays! This has been quite a draining and distracting time with all four of us at home for nearly all of the time. I have certainly found that the sources of any stress…

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