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An alternative approach to decumulation

Taking up on Sovereign Quest’s challenge here is my contribution. In the discussion about attaining financial independence and retiring early (“FIRE”) there is an accumulation phase and a decumulation phase. In the first phase you accumulate assets by earning, saving and investing in order to have enough assets to be financially independent. This is followed,…

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My Financial Origin Story – Getting Minted

Belatedly taking up on Monevator’s idea and Sovereign Quest’s challenge here is my story. I had a comfortable upbringing. We were a middle-class family but not one for showing off. We holidayed exclusively in the UK and mostly near Blackpool. My parents were careful with money even though they weren’t short of it, as I…

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Opening moves

The newspaper reported that “the UK’s FTSE 100 index fell 168 points to 6,483, a 2.5% drop – the biggest one-day fall in percentage terms since the end of October.” (Guardian 26.02.21). Checking my source on the FTSE All Share Total Return index, my chosen benchmark, that had gone down -2.28% on the day. For…

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New year and a new priority

I have prioritised income growth for the past seven years since I left my last job. My portfolio income has nearly doubled in that time. In this new year my priority is to sustain my current income levels whilst aiming for more capital growth. January Despite much excitement and significant price movements in the trading…

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Seven years of Financial Independence

Most financial blogs about financial independence, or “FIRE” (Financial Independence Retire Early), concern themselves with the journey to reach that objective. By contrast I aim to discuss that journey towards “Getting Minted” but I also aim to discuss what happens next. That is the journey to financial independence and beyond. After climbing to the summit…

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