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Seven years of Financial Independence

Most financial blogs about financial independence, or “FIRE” (Financial Independence Retire Early), concern themselves with the journey to reach that objective. By contrast I aim to discuss that journey towards “Getting Minted” but I also aim to discuss what happens next. That is the journey to financial independence and beyond. After climbing to the summit…

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2020 a year in review

My newspaper reported that “the FTSE 100 suffered its worst 12 months since the financial crisis, despite a year-end rally fuelled by the start of Covid-19 vaccine rollouts.” This index of the largest UK listed companies incurred a loss for the year (-14.3%) that “was its biggest annual fall since 2008, when it plunged by…

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What a difference a day makes

On Monday 9 November as the stock market reacted positively to the emerging result of the US Presidential election, the news of a successful vaccine against the coronavirus was released. What a difference that day made. My portfolio recorded a gain of 4.80% on that day as my individual holdings rose between 2.00% and 8.23%.…

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The first dividend cut is the deepest

The UK situation at present is somewhat confused. There is a worsening in the covid-19 statistics and there are pressures to enact more restrictions or even another lockdown. Different restrictions have been applied to different parts of the UK. There is a debate about what these statistics show us, whether more restrictions are needed or…

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Dividend cut

After six months of the financial crisis situation brought about by the pandemic my investment portfolio has suffered a first dividend cut. After over twenty dividend announcements that increased or maintained the dividends in payment over the last six months I have now had one that reduced it. In a recent discussion with my brothers…

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