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Three-year review to November 2022

Three years ago on 30 November 2019, things were different. In the UK we were amid a general election campaign. A choice between getting Brexit done and levelling up or embarking on the Corbyn experiment – or so we were told. We had not yet heard of Covid-19 or learned of its impact on lives,…

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Bouncing back, November 2022

November was marked by a strong bounce in my portfolio and in its benchmark the FTSE All Share total return index. That index is now at an all-time peak for a month end according to my records. This despite the Ukraine war and other recent events. Is the market anticipating better times ahead perhaps? November…

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Reducing my home bias, October 2022

October saw the implosion of the Truss-Kwarteng economic policy in the UK. Markets continued to drift mostly downwards in the first half of the month. I was, however, inspired to make some portfolio changes that further reduced my holdings in UK equities. October The FTSE All Share Total Return index, my chosen benchmark, rose by…

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An end and a beginning, September 2022

September saw the end of the Queen’s reign and the beginning of the new King’s reign. Alongside that we saw the end of one Prime Minister’s time in office and the beginning of the new Prime Minister’s government. The combination of a new fiscal budget, monetary policy changes (quantitative easing), interest rate rises, and changing…

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