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If you want to achieve financial freedom or financial independence, and you have a vision of achieving that, then you need to have a commitment to getting there. It can’t just be a wish. This commitment will involve time and money and will be reflected in your actions in working, saving and investing. You will…

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Holding your nerve during a stock market tumble

It has been reported that “only 18 per cent of investors said they stuck with their investment plans during the volatile three-month period at the end of 2018” when “the MSCI World index fell 13.9 per cent, the 11th worst quarterly fall since 1970”. The Schroders Global Investor Study 2019 added that “In the final…

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Financial review at 30 June 2019

Half Year Summary A total return in the year to date of 11.70%, slightly behind the index, results after draw-down expenditure in a capital uplift of 9.65%. Introduction I review my/our financial situation at the end of each month so as to track where we are, and also because I find it interesting. I’d now…

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Investing a lump sum

These are some ideas I passed on to a friend recently about taking a first step into investing in shares: Dear I was told that you have a lump sum of cash and are considering how to invest that for yourself and your children. I have some ideas on how I would deal with this which…

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Do you have a vision of your future? Do you know where you want to be in five years or twenty-five years, or do you take one day or one year at a time? In considering a path to financial freedom it is helpful to have a vision of reaching that destination. It is useful…

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